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Unity Central

A crash course guide to Unity 'Centralizing' your work, information (inconveniently known to some as 'data'), and more. online courses us

Athena Query Language

A plain english query language, as simple enough for you grandma, powerful enough for your CIO. Check out examples and libraries here: components for you to copy & paste into your custom queries
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We know you love your integrations so we've built and will continue to build connections to your favorite apps, from email to Jira to Github to Nexus 360!


At Boardwalktech, we are constantly innovating and pushing the needle so that Unity Central can be a centralized business headquarters. The Modules

We're constantly pushing the limits to make your experience in Unity Central better so check in here every now and then to see design updates and changes.

Frequently asked questions

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How can Unity Central help you?

Unity Central is your information HQ. You can use it for many things, including:

- Increasing focus with purpose driven workspaces
- Creating a home for all of your data
- Centralizing disparate systems and information
- Querying your data and viewing it as insightful information in Ripple
- Easily create alerts or store vital information via the data that is flowing through
- Share everything within Unity Central with your colleagues
- Use modules like Radius (Control Tower) or Story to cover all bases within your business

Is Unity Central for me? 

If you've ever opened up created a document and hit save, Unity Central is for you. From education to supply chain enterprise...

Is there documentation on how to use Unity Central?

Yup! Flowitcall comes with detailed documentation that explains how to use all the different features. Additionally, you can learn more about using Webflow at Webflow University.

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