Athena Query Language

Patented Natural Language Processing with a library of key statements that if and when applied correctly will yield game changing qualitative and quantitative results - speeding up decisions, starting with the very research you do to begin with to the your supply chain

The Athena Query Language is designed so that you can perform real-time powerful, yet simple queries on your data to derive crucial insights & intelligence, quickly and without reliance on anyone else but yourself!

To get the most out of Ripple, use pre-defined statement and combine them to minimize input and maximum plain english!

A plain english query language simple enough for your grandma, as powerful enough for your CIO.

Qualitative Combinations

  1. AND 
  1. OR
  1. Intersect
  1. Delta
  2. Greater than
  3. Less than
  4. Movement

Connected Statements are one Ripple with separate statements

Connected Statements which are two separate statements in one Ripple - and the reason for existence is so that you ask for a qualitative search + a quantitative search  

([Javascript], [Stanford], [React]) + (within 40 mile radius)

(And, And, And) + (Or)

(Purchase Orders, Week) + (Revenue)

Figure 1-1 — This is the caption for the above image.