Gmail Integration

Google Email integration to consolidate all of your emails coming in from Google!

Add Google to Unity Central!

We spend 2.5 hours a day just going through emails. Whether it's deleting unneeded ones, unsubscribing from useless ones, or actually responding and reacting to the important ones.

If your company lives in Google, set up this crucial integration!

  1. Sign into your Unity Central account.
  2. Go to Integrations and click on the Gmail logo.
  3. Authenticate with your google account(s) you want to link up.
  4. Set up a master filter - that is relevant to your purpose driven Workspaces (link).
  5. Once you've set up your master filter, all of your Google Emails will stream through the Information Feed!
  6. For further granularity, you can create instances of your Google Integration by sending certain emails into a Space or Alert Tile - so you never miss an important email and skip over the emails that have nothing to do with your professional Workspace.
  7. Go to your Gmail Integrations setting page to view all of your instances and make the edits and stay up to date!

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